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Our enthusiasm for our work means you get a friendly team of professionals eager to use their expertise to help you succeed. We invest our time in understanding you, your family and your business, enabling us to provide valuable insight, advice and service.


Pathway Team

Michael has been looking after my personal, SMSF and business taxation matters for over 15 years. He has always given me great advice and guidance during that time. Michael and his team at Pathway Accounting are really approachable and have a depth of experience that enables them to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table whilst providing advice in an easy to understand way, which has been essential to me as a business owner. They stay on top of all the changes to tax for business and SMSF and this gives me confidence that every year they are working towards providing the best possible outcome for my business and me personally.

This is what keeps me coming back and why I have had no hesitation over the years I have been a client in referring Michael to my business clients, family and friends.

Matthew Craik – Stoneleigh Co Pty Ltd

We have been fortunate enough to work with Pathway Accounting (and previously Pendlebury Ebb) for over 20 years. I can confidently say that Pathway have played a major part in our business growth and success over that time. The team, lead so capably by Michael Pendlebury, are always professional, helpful, consistent, capable and accurate. No matter what challenge we may have had, Pathway have always been able to manage through to a solution. These are all the sorts of things that you want from an accounting firm, but Pathway provides so much more. Importantly, they have provided us with the comfort that all our financial affairs are in order. We have never had an issue with compliance, reporting or auditing. This comfort is invaluable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pathway to anyone who is looking for a helpful, detailed and progressive accounting firm.

Kelvin Gage, CEO - Dominion Print Group

It is with great honour that I write this testimonial about Michael Pendlebury and Pathway Accounting. I have known Michael for over 25 years. I first met Mike at another private practice where he stood out as the go to man. Michael has always been a man of ethics, trustworthy and has his clients' best interests first and foremost. When you allow a person into your life and your financial world you need to have total and utter trust, 25 years with this man I trust him with my life.

You need to be able to trust them like family, I'm glad to say we both treat each other like family; you too will sleep well knowing that Mike will have your back and best interests at heart.

Stephen Cullen, Director – Plumbprofessor Plumbing Services

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